Hi, I'm Hannah!

Meet Hannah Weis, a London-born independent songwriter and recording artist based in Israel.

Truth be told, it was always bound to happen. That music maker was always bubbling beneath the surface, tangled up with all the Shouldn’t’s and Couldn’t’s in her head.

Raised on a soul-rich diet of Disco-Era funk and RnB (thanks Mum), poetry, prayer, daydreaming, radio, Napster and classical piano lessons. Writing songs on the sly, bottling up secret dreams. Until one day on the brink of 2020, when that proverbial cup got too full to contain and her songs began to tumble out.

Since then, Hannah’s been working hard on a debut EP that’ll be worth the wait. Honing her sound as a writer-turned-singer, in collab with incredible indie musicians from around the globe.

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